Why Choose us

You will not face any problems at CourtixHosting. We guarantee!

Your website and other services will always be available online and running effectively. All of our technicians are monitoring your service around the clock to ensure quality. The server your website will be directed or reside on will be of the highest level of hardware and software applications. We are proud that all of our servers are now ‘Green’ and will run even faster as a direct result. If there is an issues it will be resolved before you or your visitors are aware of the situation. We stand behind our services.

All of your support tickets are answered by a live support representatives and not an automaticed reply. We stand behind service and feel each customer deserve to speak directly to a personal consultant when experiencing issues. If your website has become to big and overloads one of our servers we will work one-on-one with you to reduce the overload ot perpare other solutions.

Experience the CourtixHosting Difference

You and your visitors will experience nothing but a faster server load without any glitchs or errors. As a result of being with our company we are more then confident that you will become one of our many satisfied customers who range from cooperate, personal and smaller businesses.