Web Development

Courtix Hosting specializes in web development, web programming, and graphic design. Below are some of our latest projects.

Project Description: A directory of Lebanese restaurants, cafes and night clubs. Customers are able to view photos, reserve online, and view upcoming events.

Technology Used: PHP/MySQL

Project Description: Website for construction company, with an administration area to manage all the aspects of the website. Website administrator is able to add new construction projects in order to enrich the company’s portfolio, and modify content on all pages.

Technology Used: PHP/MySQL

Project Description: Official website for the singer Teddy Laine. Visitors are able to browse music, videos and photos.

Technology Used: PHP/MySQL/Flash

Our portfolio also includes many applications that are specifically developed for our client’s needs to enhance productivity and solve existing problems, such as message synchronization tools, data aggregation tools, management portals and CRM systems. These applications are not listed in this portfolio due to binding non-disclosure agreements.