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“Well after searching the net for what seemed like month’s I found Courtix Hosting. I decided to buy there CTX1 package which was setup instantly. I needed a host which could hold my forum, and well all I can say is wow Courtix Hosting did just that.”

Jon, jonathanvasquez.com

“I was looking for a Dedicated Server for my Diablo2 game that I run. Now Courtix Hosting not only supplied us with a server they also provided us with some hosting and the domain for the forum. We had issues with the software we needed to run and Courtix Hosting’s support got it running for us, now there Dedicated Plans are unmanaged but they went above and beyond what I expected. The forum we are running has had next to no downtime at all, very fast loading. I am very impressed and recommend Courtix Hosting to all.”

Brandon, d2slam.com

“I am a total newb at hosting, didn’t have a clue on what I needed and how to achieve this. Now I asked Courtix Hosting if they could help.. Wow they not only setup our domain and hosting they also helped me install a phpbb forum. They even installed a few mods for me too. I’m not sure how many host’s do this kind of thing for there customers but I am extremely happy with what Courtix Hosting have done for me.”

Alex, hogwartsfourhouses.com