Network and Technology

At CourtixHosting, we employ the latest and most reliable technology to power our backbone. We understand that we are not able to treat our customers the way they deserve, if we do not have a reliable network and datacenter to back us. Hence, we have chosen Equinix, the leading global provider of network-neutral datacenters to host our servers. In addition to that, we only utilize the latest Cisco hardware equipment. Therefore, you will experience a reliable and steady network speed while using our services.

Multi-homed Bandwidth

In order to provide the maximum uptime, we use multi-homed bandwidth, which means that we lease internet connectivity access from multiple providers, in case one of the providers fails, in order to provide a redundant connection. Our internet connection providers include the best tier 1 bandwidth providers exclusively. Below is the list of providers we currently use:

  • nLayer
  • Server Central
  • PCCW
  • LimeLight Networks
  • Savvis
  • Level 3

Our Datacenter

Equinix’s connectivity to over 200 networks makes it the perfect solution to host our servers. With over 38 datacenters spread all over the world, reaching more than 90% of the world’s internet networks, it is the most appealing choice to companies, as well as individuals. Other big names that utilize the Equinix network include Google, IBM, Sony, General Electric,, Paypal, Yahoo!, Microsoft, YouTube and Paypal.