Going green

How have we gone Green?

You hear everyday how companies are making an impact on the world and ‘Going Green’. We are proud to say we have jumped on the bandwagon and have become a Green company. We understand that the Earth is a fragile and nonrenewable resource that must be cherished for future generations to enjoy. We have reduced our paper intact so zero and everything is done electronically over the computer. We have taken great strides in providing employees with the choose to work remotely from home. Our great customer service and overall company excellent will not suffer as a result.

We have reduced the amount of computers we are operating at a given time. We have different platforms and operating systems installed on an every computer for our employees to ensure quality service. By eliminating computers we do not need this will save electric and other resources.


All servers in our datacenter are low voltage which will result in the same amount of speed and power but reduce the overall electrical usage.


We are always exploring other opportunities to reduce our electric use and make the work place more energy friendly.

If you have any ideas which might make our company even greener, feel free to contact us now, we’ll be grateful!